Using Process Mining Approach for Machining Operations

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In the Industry 4.0 world, both service and manufacturing companies should review their systems and processes, remove any application that causes waste, ensure lean flow and change business models if necessary, in order to fulfill the requirements of this trend. Introducing Industry 4.0 on a problematic system or process might harm it enough to cause the company disappear instead of benefiting it. For applications correctly decided to be built upon a correct system, data flow must be accurate and timely. And at this stage, data amount that increases with process mining and complexity of the big data will be solved and more information will be obtained about real production processes and data. In this study, a prototype is developed using the data of a previously studied manufacturing research. This prototype handles only one phase of the manufacturing process and extracts all the initial possible pathways of this phase through process mining. © 2020, Springer Nature Switzerland AG.


19th International Symposium for Production Research, ISPR 2019 -- 28 August 2019 through 30 August 2019 -- -- 233539

Anahtar Kelimeler

Batch production, Event logs, Manufacturing process analysis, Process improvement, Process mining


Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering

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