Sensor services for buildings: A framework and opportunities

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The Ubiquitous Computing and the Internet-of-Things concepts are gathering more attention day-by-day. In the near future networks of interconnected sensors that are monitoring the environment around us will start to generate enormous amounts of data. This newly emerging paradigm can be named as "Sensors Everywhere". This new paradigm will lead-the focus of information management in disaster response-to shift from acquisition and storage of information to abstracting, analysing and consuming information. Furthermore, the value of semantic information will increase, as real-time information provided by sensors would become more meaningful when integrated with semantic information. Recent research have shown that semantically rich digital models of buildings can be transferred into and represented in geoinformation systems, which are used to support most analysis and monitoring activities in emergency response and disaster management. Furthermore, recent geo-visualisation tools such as virtual globes provide an environment for combing the information provided by sensors and representations of digital building models. This paper presents a framework for, acquiring information from multiple sensors located in a building, presenting this information as web services and later evaluates how this information can be consumed and used within the geospatial environment together with digital building models. The paper concludes with an opportunity analysis in the context of the framework. © Gi4DM 2011 - GeoInformation for Disaster Management.All right reserved.


7th International Symposium on Geo-information for Disaster Management, Gi4DM 2011 -- 3 May 2011 through 8 May 2011 -- -- 149285

Anahtar Kelimeler

3D, Building, City, Sensor, Service, Web Services, WSN


Gi4DM 2011 - GeoInformation for Disaster Management

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