Who ıs Customer? : A QFD Cycle For The Swimming Pool Managers

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Swimming pool facilities are important organizations that provide service to users in all seasons, whether in the state or private sector, in terms of health and treatment as well as sports. It is extremely important that these facilities are user friendly in terms of hygiene and construction. It is the responsibility of the pool management to meet the expectations of the users of the facility, but the users have some responsibilities, such as complying with the conditions of use of the pool, not spoiling and not damaging the facility. A well-used and properly working facility will provide advantages over its competitors. Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is an important tool for strategic competitiveness. Using QFD, managers listen to the customer voice, translate to technical requirements, benchmark their competitors and design their products or services to the customer expectations. Hence, they have a chance for increasing their market share by the higher quality and customer satisfaction. Here the customer must be well-defined. In this paper, a different approach to the concept of customer is presented and QFD (cycle) is applied in swimming pools of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. It is assumed that the user and the pool manager are separate customers and it is aimed to increase service quality and customer satisfaction by listening to the voice of both customers. As a conclusion, the implementation of the QFD cycle has provided the necessary solutions, and most of the complaints have been removed.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Quality Function Deployment, Continuous improvement, Customer satisfaction, Swimming pool, Healthcare


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