An Investigation About The Exaggeration Of Social Media As A Fluid Form Of Modernism

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The world keeps turning, but faster than ever. However, one of the contributory acts of this situation is definitely social media which came into people’s life seven years ago. Social media becomes a recreation of oneself and a raison d’être. Although the titans of social media does not know which road to follow in the beginning, the context of the sites as Face book and YouTube is shaped through the requests of the users. In case of the Twitter still attracts the great attention since from the first day. The social networking sites which are come into effect in the later of 2006 and in the beginning of 2007, nowadays mediate most of the protests of era. First, in 2009 Iran election period protests show how the power of social media usage began to emerge on the scene. After that, this time events in Tunis broke out and spread all over the Arabian world, protest took place in almost 15 countries. In 2010 the events were namely “Arab Spring” was broken out. And again during those days teenagers came together through their social media communication. Moreover, after the reactionary events both in Iran and Arab World, the usage of social media surprised the West and also in a way inspired them because till that moment social media has never been used like this. After the Tunis and Arab Spring events, the social media especially Twitter showed its power again. After these, in 2013 “Gezi Parkı” instance broke out. It started on 27th of May and continued till 25th of June. Everything is started by the protests of a small group of environmentalists to prevent the lumbering of the trees. How this simple protest causes to become a national and international phenomena. First days, it is given in some of the TV channels and newspapers but the protests gain importance with the usage of Twitter in order to define what is happening in Gezi Parkı. Nevertheless, in 2009 social media revolution occurred. Whole world saw the real power of social media which was called as “the most powerful force of the era” two years ago. Modern era’s communication network enables youth to communicate and get together to react and take a stand. Therefore, the role of social media in social cases adds a new dimension to the general use of the medium ( The changing world and the contributory acts of social media to this situation make us to think the relation between the social media and these social cases. So the purpose of this paper is, to present the differences between the “old media” and “new media” by looking through the evolution of media; define what constitutes Web 1.0 and Web 2.0; what sort of innovations does social media (which is included in Web 2.0) present and especially Twitter, what makes Twitter different among the other social media forms; how these social media tools are used in social cases; to analyze “Gezi Parkı” instance in terms of social media. Moreover, this analysis also contains that whether Twitter can be considered as a new public sphere in terms of Habermas thinking or not? Can Twitter create a democratic society or can Twitter provide sphere of equality and independence.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Social Media, Twitter, Gezi Parkı Case


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9/2 (2016), 143-151