An Energy System Simulation Of Turkey With A 50% Renewable Energy Scenario

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Decreasing the usage of fossil fuels in the electricity production is a tough challenge for countries. The world is still depended on fossil fuels to generate electricity. Increasing the share of renewable energy systems in electricity production is significant in many aspects such as lower CO2 emissions, grid flexibility, decentralizing, etc. Nowadays, many countries shape their energy policies and strategies to use more renewable and indigenous resources. Turkey is one of these countries and has ambitions goals to use more domestic sources to produce electricity. Turkey generally aims to reduce the usage of imported energy sources in electricity generation. Thus this paper investigates the share of 50% renewable energy system (RES) simulation in the electricity production via the EnergyPLAN model. An energy system analysis was conducted in a 50% renewable scenario in 2023. The main target of this scenario is to perform a 50% renewable energy system in electricity production. A reference year is 2018 and the results of the 50% RES scenario were compared with a reference scenario. A main focus of this study is to investigate aspects of carbon emissions, RES share, and costs between the scenarios for the years 2018 and 2023.


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Energy System Simulation, EnergyPLAN, Renewable Energy


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Leblebicioğlu, E. , Sulukan, E. & Uyar, T. S. (2021). AN ENERGY SYSTEM SIMULATION OF TURKEY WITH A 50% RENEWABLE ENERGY SCENARIO . Journal of Naval Sciences and Engineering , 17 (1) , 1-25