Individual And Organizational Effects Of The Corporate Practices With The Mediating Role Of Lean İntrapreneurship: Differences Between Public And Private Sector İn Turkey


In our century the most important institutional infrastructural tools (IIT) of the companies are knowledge management (KM), occupational health and safety (OHS), quality management (QM) and standardization. Beforehands OHS practices were just aiming to recover the results of the risks after they had occured; but nowadays a proactive approach is applied, in which precautions are taken and also the psychological and social mood of the employees, ergonomics, work load, workplace conditions and managerial applications are taken into consideration. The relationship between all these IIT and a new concept which is lean start-up, that means to deliver the most simple and pure product or service to the customer is not known yet. Besides; in between IIT, of which are influential on the intrapreneurship of the employees are needed to be understood. In this study we discuss the effects of these IIT on the employee performance and organizational effectiveness with the mediating role of lean intrapreneurship.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Occupational health and safety, Knowledge management, Quality management, Lean start-up, Organizational effectiveness


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