Loans of Word In Synonymy of The Tatar Language

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The vocabulary of each language consists of words that enable people to call the things they see and express their attitude towards them, characterize and compare them with the others. To do it, one uses lexical and grammatical means of native language andthe borrowed ones from other kindred languages and unrelated languages. If in the beginning these “foreign” words are perceived as exoticisms, with time, without suspecting of their foreign origin, they can enter into its active lexical fund, take a placein dictionaries, be actively used in oral and written speech. However, they may be forgotten, not accepted by the canons of the language, or become archaisms and historicisms. The relevance of the study is explained by the tasks of revealing the role of the activity of loan words with the synonymy of the Tatar language. The article presents the materials that reflect the experience of research of the teachers of the Kazan Federal University in cooperation with the colleagues from other countries on the study of Turkic languages, including the Tatar language in synchrony and diachrony. It is well known that the etymological affinity of the borrowed lexicon from different languages is not the same, as well as their morphological and semantic features. If themost active words are the words related to nouns and adjectives, then verb forms in Turkic languages are rarely borrowed. This paper aim is a lexico-semantic description of the synonymous connections of the verbs with borrowed stems in the Tatar language, as one of the representatives of the Turkic world. During the research, the authors got insight into modern works of Russian and foreign authors on linguistics, philology; analyzed the lexical material fixed in bilingual dictionaries and in “The Dictionary of Synonyms” of the Tatar language; made comparisons of the dictionary fund and practical Tatar speech; revealed the basic tendencies of development of the modern literary language.


Anahtar Kelimeler

The Tatar language, Dictionaries, Speech, Turkic languages, Loan words


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