A computer-based feedback model for design/build organizations

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Building production process is a multi-disciplinary and multi-phased activity. Various factors increased the complexity of building production process and consequently the number of participants taking place in the process. Co-ordination and integration of the production process became more important in the fragmented structure of construction industry. Obviously the lack of communication between designers and construction team causes quality problems. Insufficient communication between design and construction phases causes design failures regenerated in various projects. Design failures can be determined in both construction and occupation stages. Feedback of systematically recorded information of design failures, which were identified in construction stage would help to create and maintain the firm's memory and can be used as a medium to increase the quality of the design process as well as the design itself. In this paper, the conceptual and practical parts of a computer-based model developed for design/build organizations that aims to organize design failure information identified in construction stage are presented.


2nd International Conference on Structural and Construction Engineering -- SEP 23-26, 2003 -- ROME, ITALY

Anahtar Kelimeler


System-Based Vision For Strategic And Creative Design, Vols 1-3

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