Comparison of SSD and Faster R-CNN Algorithms to Detect the Airports with Data Set Which Obtained From Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Satellite Images

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Today, image processing has been used in many different sectors, especially in health, production and military fields, for various purposes directly in human life. The development of deep learning algorithms and starting to use of computer vision has accelerated the studies such as critical target, important location and strategic region determination especially in the military field. In this study, the airport has been determined on the landing runways. Training, test and evaluation data sets were created by using both medium and high-altitude unmanned air vehicles and satellite images. SSD-Single Shot Multibox algorithm and Faster R-CNN algorithm were used by re-training during the determination process. The results of both algorithms were evaluated within the extend of evaluation criteria such as accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, false positive rate, false negative rate, positive pred value, F score, error rate, result and training time. The image detection accuracy with SSD algorithm was 76,61%, with Faster R-CNN algorithm the image detection accuracy was 99.52% according to valuation dataset. With this study, which of the two architectures has been revealed to be successful in determining critical areas in unmanned aerial vehicles and satellite images.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Visioning, Artificial Neural Networks, SSD - Single Shot Multibox Detector, Faster-R-CNN, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Satellite Systems


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European Journal of Science and Technology No 19, pp. 643-658, August 2020