Freedom Of Expression In Broadcasting

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Broadcasting is the most important source of information and the media in a democratic society. The right of freedom of expression considers both the right of the public to receive utmost diversity of information in broadcasting and the right of broadcasters not to be interfered by politics or commercial intervention. Governments and dominant commercial broadcasters have tried to control broadcasting because of its richness as a source of information and news and its effectiveness. As a matter of fact, sometimes the public broadcaster operates as an agent of government rather than serving the public interest. Consequently, broadcasting can be a state cartel in some countries. In this context, governments have controlled private broadcasting granting the license while commercial broadcasters have tried to monopolize the broadcasting sector. Therefore, it should be established a set of standards in order to prevent that broadcasting becoming a means of government control or prevent commercial broadcasters from becoming extremely dominant.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Access to information, Blasphemy, Censorship, Criminal libel, Defamation, Freedom of expression, Freedom of information, Journalism, Journalists, Judges, Media, Obscenity, Politicians, Press, Private life


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Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi / Journal of Social Sciences 3(2), 2009, 67-81