Alternative Strategies in International Marketing

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In today's world where globalization has an ever increasing effect on the world economy, where the competition becomes more ruthless in time, the technology is changing at a faster pace, and with the increase in the importance of the international markets, the companies’ activities are increasing their activities in this field. International markets and international marketing is becoming more important for companies, and they no longer settle only for their domestic markets but are also gravitating towards foreign markets. A great increase in the number of companies shoving global activity especially after 1990s is observed, the globalization process becomes more pronounced. The marketing strategies that can be implemented in international markets attain great importance within this framework. While marketing miglıt have been unknomı pre-nineties, it has now become essential for the survival of a business. A business which does not compete in international markets in today's world be faced mth the prospect of not being able to compete in its domestic market with its international competitors who have lover costs, much more experience and a w id e product range. within this context, in this study, we will discuss in depth the standardization and adaptation strategies along with a mixed strategy and look at different aspects of each.


Anahtar Kelimeler

International Marketing, Adaptation, Standardization


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Öneri Dergisi 7 (2006 ): 151-166