Energy Saving Efforts in the Hospitality Sector

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In the accommodation sector like in many other industries, energy saving and environmental protection efforts leading to the adoption of more effective solutions in terms of energy efficiency is a growing concern over the last decades. The main purpose of this research is to assess the hotel industry's current state of sustainability by taking a closer look at green practices, efforts to reduce the amount of energy used and the waste of resources through extensive literature research method. In the same vein, energy consumption and saving concerns, factors affecting energy consumption, environmental assessment methods, energy use patterns, performance and consumption modeling methods, energy management in the hospitality sector, mission of hotel chains in terms of environmental management, barriers and factors affecting hotels' investments in energy efficiency are treated under subsequent headings. In conclusion, the need for a joint effort to manage the energy consumption, the mission of hotel chains in reducing energy waste, the use of scientific tools demonstrating the costs of implementing a sustainability policy, the options for financing energy efficiency, the factors that influence hotels in their investment decisions in energy efficiency technologies, and the standardization of energy measures used on a global scale are discussed and suggestions are made.


Anahtar Kelimeler


Turkish Studies (Elektronik)

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