Bibliometric Analysis of Sustainability in Civil Aviation

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As air travel has become a crucial part of modern life, concerns about its environmental impact, economic sustainability, and social responsibility have significantly grown. Sustainability in this context refers to the delicate balance between current needs and future aspirations, taking into consideration environmental, economic, and social factors. The aviation industry is a substantial contributor to worldwide carbon emissions, and its ongoing growth poses a threat to exacerbate climate change. But it also has a crucial role in promoting economic growth and global connectivity. Achieving a balance between these competing interests necessitates a collaborative approach involving governments, industry stakeholders, academia and the general public. The sustainability viewpoint in the aviation sector, as well as the research carried out in this field, is of great significance in advancing the sector. The objective of this research is to identify and analyze publications regarding sustainability in the aviation sector within the SSCI and SCI-Exp databases. Suggestions for future research are proposed. The study includes a bibliometric analysis of 123 scientific articles published between 2001 and 2023. The findings reveal significant trends, influential authors and leading institutions in aviation sustainability research whilst also identifying gaps in the literature. Keyword analysis revealed recurring themes such as energy efficiency, emissions reduction, and life cycle assessment. These findings highlight the aviation industry's increasing dedication to sustainability and the necessity for further research and practical measures to ensure a more environmentally sustainable future for civil aviation.


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Journal of aviation (Online)

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