The Concept Of ‘Genius Loci’ In Landscape Photography / Peyzaj Fotoğrafçılığında ‘Genius Loci’ Kavramı

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This paper explores the concepts of ‘genius loci’ and ‘sense of place’ and their value in relation to landscape photography. More commonly used by landscape historians or in relation to architecture, the author maintains that these concepts are critical for landscape photographers and can inspire them. Drawing on her own photographic work on an ancient landscape as a case study, the author suggests that in order to develop a sense of place, a photographer needs to conduct extensive research. Through research and a practice-based approach, she could understand different aspects of the landscape, how it has been shaped over thousands of years and how it relates to wider environmental themes. The challenge for the photographer is not about capturing something that is mystical about a landscape but instead to communicate something that is true and meaningful. She concludes that in order to develop a sense of place and communicate it effectively a photographer also needs to develop a sense of time. It is through understanding how a landscape has evolved over time, as well as by understanding how its character may change from one moment to the next, that a photographer can truly communicate a sense of place.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Genius Loci, Sense of Place, Landscape Photography, Practice-based Research


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BUJSS 12/1 (2019), 87-98