The Impact of Orientation Angle and Number of Layers on Electromagnetic Shielding Characteristics of Carbon Fiber Composites

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In this study, electromagnetic shielding characteristics for orientation angle and number of plies of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites were investigated in the frequency range between 900 and 6000 MHz. Both unidirectional and bidirectional carbon fiber fabrics were utilized as reinforcement materials to manufacture the composite samples. Twill bidirectional glass fiber fabrics were also used in order to provide a large amount of flexibility. To prepare the composite laminates for measurement, hand lay-up method was preferred. Measurements were carried out by using DFG 4060 signal generator and HF 60105 spectrum analyzer. In the proposed frequency range, electromagnetic shielding effectiveness (EMSE) up to 62.13 dB was achieved. This value is accepted in the literature as a good level of shielding. According to the measurements, it was observed that EMSE was very higher when the orientation angle of the carbon fiber was 90°, as compared to 0°. Another parameter that affects EMSE is whether the carbon fiber fabric used is unidirectional or bidirectional because it was observed that the bidirectional fabric increased EMSE. In addition, it was determined that the number of plies has less effect on EMSE than the orientation angle.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Carbon fiber, Hand lay-up method, Orientation angle, Electromagnetic shielding


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