A new radiographic acetabular cup anteversion measurement method in total hip arthroplasty: a clinical study

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BackgroundThe acetabular cup positioning is one of the most crucial steps affecting stability and wear rates in total hip arthroplasty. Different methods have been described for determining the anteversion of the acetabular cup in the literature. But there is still not a widely accepted method to assess the acetabular anteversion radiography. The aim of this study is to measure the acetabular anteversion angle on a single pelvis AP radiography with our method which was proven with an experimental study before.Materials and methodsA total of 15 patients (8 males, 7 females) who underwent total hip arthroplasty and have had a pelvis computed tomography scans in our outpatient clinic were evaluated retrospectively. The anteversion angle was calculated in all of pelvis CT scans. For radiological measurement, the formula defined by the authors in an experimental model previously was used.ResultsStatistically significant difference was not determined between radiographic and CT-based measurements (p=0.207; p>0.05). A statistically significant agreement was observed at a level of 98.8% between radiographic and CT-based measurements (ICC=0.988; 95% CI 0.966-0.996; p<0.01).ConclusionAssessment of the acetabular cup anteversion is very important to predict the possible complications after total hip arthroplasty. Although many methods have been defined for this purpose, each of these has advantages and disadvantages. In particular, with computed tomography method, the patient is exposed to excessive radiation, whereas we think that our method is a preferred method due to features not requiring additional equipment, low radiation exposure, being simple, cost-effectiveness, easily applicable and almost 100% accurate.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Acetabulum, Anteversion, Radiography, Total hip arthroplasty


European Journal Of Orthopaedic Surgery And Traumatology

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