Challange of the Metropolitan Governances with Pandemic Distribution: The Cases of New York, London and Istanbul

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In the study, the struggle of the city administrations of New York, London and Istanbul against the Covid-19 pandemic is examined. Due to their leading status in terms of the number of cases, New York, London and Istanbul are selected as samples. Again, the economic and political capacities of these urban administrations have an important aspect in terms of combating the pandemic. Considering these qualities, the comparison of these urban administrations, which have the capacity to combat the pandemic, is thought to be significant. The aim of the study is to examine the measures taken by the cities and the services they offer comparatively and to offer suggestions for this. Within the scope of the study, conceptual explanations about health, disease and pandemic is made at first and the applications of the metropolitan city governances of different countries are mentioned. In the study, the literature review and the reports prepared by national and international governmental institutions and organizations and non-governmental organizations are used as methods. As a result of the study, the measures taken by the cities are classified under health, economy and social categories.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Pandemic, COVID-19, Health, Urban, Urban Management


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