Transformation of Consumption Perceptions: A Survey on Innovative Trends in Banking

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Having a 65 year history, credit cards like we use today brought about a great transformation and dissolved the obligation ofbeing dependent on holding cash. In line with technologic improvements, evolving with increasing acceleration, the world of economy and finance is experiencing a new transformation nowadays. These technological improvements have challenged financial service providers with the change in the way of buying, selling or doing business. As a result of developments in mobile technologies, this time credit cards themselves are facing a drastic transformation by means of increasing penetration of smartphones, at least materially. With the evolution of consumer technology, consumers will leave the traditional ways of consumption, their leather wallets and standard credit cards, etc. Along with both the improvements in technology and the change in consumer perception and wants, the theory of finance is also changing a separate but similar trajectory due to the help of new security designs, telecommunication technology improvements. This paper aims to provide a unique insight into how financial sector will evolve in the next decade and tries to draw out the drivers of this change. In this aspect, our study will provide series of new trends. Toward this end we will present six new trends, namely; biometric technology, contactless payment systems (m-POS), NFC technology, Host Card Emulation (HCE), mobile Wallet (m-Wallet) and other wearable payment systems, and discuss their probable impacts over banking sector and shopping habits.


Anahtar Kelimeler

financial innovation, banking, payment trends


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