The Effects of Bed Bathing on Vital Signs and Oxygen Saturation in Children Who Are Connected to Mechanical Ventilation

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Aim This study is a quasi-experimental research that was conducted to evaluate the effects of bathing on vital signs and oxygen saturation in intubated children who are connected to mechanical ventilation. Methods The study sample consisted of children who are treated in the pediatric intensive care unit, University of Istanbul Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine Hospital. A total of 60 children who met the criteria of the sample group were included in the study. The children were given bed bathing with plain warm water of 32 degrees C to 38 degrees C on 3 different days. The vital signs and oxygen saturation values of the children were measured before bathing, just after bathing, and 30 minutes after bathing them. Results Most of the children (65%) were on mechanical ventilation because of respiratory system diseases; 91.7% of them were connected to mechanical ventilation with endotracheal tube. The first bed bathing of children was given mean of 1.54 3.57 days after their hospitalization, and bathing durations were mean of 18.3 minutes. The vital signs (pulse, blood pressure, body temperature) were compared before and after bed bathing, and it was observed that the values before bathing, just after bathing, and 30 minutes after bathing had advanced level of difference (P < .001). The lowest values of all signs except body temperature were obtained 30 minutes after bed bathing. When oxygen saturation measurement values before bathing (94.5%) and after bathing were compared, it was found that the highest values (97.3%) were obtained 30 minutes after bed bathing. Conclusion The bed bathing positively affected the vital signs and oxygen saturation values in intubated children connected to the mechanical ventilation. Yet, there is still a need for more research to test the effects of bed bathing on respiratory and circulatory function.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Bed bathing, Mechanical ventilation, Nurse, Oxygen saturation, Vital signs


Dimensions Of Critical Care Nursing

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