Healing of Oral Lichenoid Lesions following Replacement of Dental Amalgam Restorations with Feldspathic Ceramic Inlay-Onlay Restorations: Clinical Results of a Follow-Up Period Varied from Three Months up to Five Years

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Objective. Previous studies have shown the effect of amalgam removal on the healing of oral lichenoid lesions (OLLs); however, no specific replacement materials have been suggested. The present series evaluated long-term results following the complete replacement of amalgam restorations with feldspathic ceramic inlay-onlay restorations for a group of patients with OLLs whose lesions were suspected to be related to amalgamrestorations. Materials and Methods. Twenty-four patientswho hadOLLs suspected to be related to their amalgamrestorationswere initially recruited.Thepatients underwent patch tests for a series of dentalmaterials, in addition to clinical and histopathological examination. Sixteen (67%) of the 24 patients had their amalgam replaced with feldspathic ceramic inlay-onlay restorations and were examined within a follow-up period of 3 months to 5 years. Results. After 3months of clinical follow-up, complete healing (63%) was noted in all patients with OLLs whose lesions were in only close contact with their amalgamrestorations.Healingwas significantly related to the combination of lesionswith close contactwith the amalgam restoration and a diagnosis of OLL (x2 test, P=0.02). Conclusion. Feldspathic ceramic can be safely used as a replacement material for patients with OLLs to diminish adverse reactions to amalgam restorations.


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amalgam, hypersensitivity


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