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Architectural design competitions have acted as catalysts for architects due to being seen as a link between education and the practice for many years. Architectural competitions are complex phenomena, which require capability of critical thinking, intellectual background of designer, externalizing this conception to the design problem, having knowledge about possible construction techniques, new spatial and material possibilities and managing the whole process; as well as the design itself. Designers analyze the situation, generate the problem themselves and determine the design goals on the basis of the design brief rather than working on a descriptive problem-design brief within the competition process. In this case focusing on whole aspects of the problem, the solution and the process -as network of design-requires a wide perspective. Therefore, it is argued that abstract thinking during this process may provide the required perspective. Architectural design, which mainly focuses on generating problems/ideas can be seen as a problem-solving process. In this sense this study focuses on pragmatic aspects of architectural design competitions mainly based on the generating-solving problem issues. Hence, the way the competitions act as a model for architectural practice regarding forming of fictionalizing the process-especially first phase-constitutes the main focus of the study. Nature and thinking approach of architectural design competitions is opened up for discussion in a broad scope, which tried to discuss the competitions as a form of architectural practice. In this respect, this research examines the benefits of abstract thinking in design process; and discusses design competitions by means of the principal issues of it from an explanatory perspective. Moreover, through such an appraisal on the thinking process of competitions and practice can produce explanatory information about the similarities and distinctions between these. It is further argued that the architectural competitions can act as catalysts for the rest of architectural practice. As a contribution, this paper focuses on the importance of each architect's own problems and own process, as a must.


3rd International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on Social Sciences and Arts, SGEM 2016 -- AUG 24-30, 2016 -- Albena, BULGARIA

Anahtar Kelimeler

Architectural Design, Design Competitions, Architectural Practice, Design Thinking, Design Process


Sgem 2016, Bk 4: Arts, Performing Arts, Architecture And Design Conference Proceedings, Vol Iii

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