The Mediating Effect of Job Satisfaction On The Relation Between Organizational Justice Perception And Intention To Leave


The purpose of this research is to examine the mediating effect of job satisfaction on the relationship between the perception of organizational justice and the intention to leave. To investigate the stated relationships data is collected from public and private banks in İstanbul. Questionnaires are prepared based on the measurement instrument used by Niehoff and Moorman (1993), Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire (1967) and Grandey (1999). A total of 294 headquarter and branch employees filled out questionnaires. The obtained data from the questionnaires are analyzed through the SPSS statistical packaged software. The results indicate that procedural and distributive justice has significant influence on intention to leave. In addition, job satisfaction mediated the relationship between procedural and distributive justice and turnover intention. Lastly, interactional justice has no significant influences on neither job satisfaction nor turnover intention.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Organizational Justice Perception, job satisfaction, intention to leave


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