A study about the influences of environmental features on individuals

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The natural, artificial and socio-cultural communication of a person with his/her environment has features which affect his/her life style. For this very reason, as the environmental features or communication type of a person changes, systems such as his/her views of life, life style and spiritual conditions may, as well, be affected and altered. Depending on the basic physical and psychological needs of a person, his/her expectations from the environment are composed of a range of properties which vary greatly from person to person. Because of this, one may aim to prepare an environment that can satisfy a person or group only at an optimum level. The environment should indeed enable a person to realize his/her actions at an optimum level; moreover, it should satisfy a person emotionally and afford him/her peace and safety. Besides, the environment should so work on people that they think about and are influenced by it. Studies show that individuals are conscious of their environment and that they consider it important to use natural environmental features positively and construct new buildings and a new environment in accordance with existing local and historical ones. Moreover, the development of a socio-cultural environment should be the result of a certain process; and this development process should embrace a system which provides an environment for and enables the participation of the majority. As another result of research, those of the features which leave a lasting impression on the mind of an individual, as well as peaceful and relaxing features, come to the fore as a contrasting indication of discontentment and dissatisfaction at the interaction with highly populated cities and towns. Because of this, while planning urban areas, the task of estimating growth-flexibility should be treated with great care. © IDOSI Publications, 2013.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Artificial environment, Natural environment, Perceptual environment, Socio-cultural environment


Middle East Journal of Scientific Research

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