Applicable vision, mission and the effects of strategic management on crisis resolve

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The accelerated transportation created by globalization required the companies to differentiate themselves in order to compete, and this situation reflected on management strategies. Within the new world order, the terms crisis and change are now what companies are familiar with. Both situations bringing about uncertainty led the companies to search for new strategies in order to specify their directions. The companies, who grasp the importance of transformation within the Information Age, have felt the need to develop modern methods which puts in the center of the system the human, motivation and the teamwork to be formed through sharing of knowledge-ideas and resources, towards the aim of passing through crisis periods with the least possible loss and gaining competitive advantage. There has formed awareness and a requirement that vision and mission must not merely be a written slogan to serve as a symbol the company to reach its goals, but rather be applicable. A shared and applicable vision, which has been formed with participation from all employees, empowers a company to reach goals and succeed. An applicable vision gains the company a long-term perspective, focuses it to its objective, and provides motivation for its workers and synergy for the whole company. An applicable vision is useful in terms of creating an organization culture that is stronger against crises. Together with this, the vision being applicable holds together the employees as for them to realize their goals, also motivating them, and thus forms in the mind the required change for an enthusiastic future. Visions which are formed together also turn the sharers into strategic partners. An applicable vision directs decision-making, and provides solidity, thus competitive advantage, to the company in highly uncertain transition periods, such as crisis times. (C) 2011 Published by Elsevier Ltd. Selection and/or peer-review under responsibility of 7th International Strategic Management Conference


7th International Strategic Management Conference -- JUN 30-JUL 02, 2011 -- Paris, FRANCE

Anahtar Kelimeler

Applicable Vision, Vision, Mission, Strategic Management, Crisis


Proceedings Of 7th International Strategic Management Conference

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