A restful service for linking sensors and cellular spaces

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More and more devices are starting to be connected to the Internet. In the future the Internet will not only be a communication medium for people, it will in fact be a communication environment for devices. The connected devices which are also referred as Things will have an ability to interact with other devices over the Internet, (i) provide information in interoperable form and (ii) consume/utilize such information with the help of sensors embedded in them. This overall concept is known as Internet-of-Things (IoT). This requires new approaches to be investigated for system architectures to establish relations between spaces and sensors. The research presented in this chapter elaborates on an architecture developed with this aim, i.e. linking spaces and sensors using a RESTful approach. The objective is making spaces aware of (sensor-embedded) devices, and making devices aware of spaces in a loosely coupled way (i.e. a state/usage/function change in the spaces would not have effect on sensors, similarly a location/state/usage/function change in sensors would not have any effect on spaces). The proposed architecture also enables the automatic assignment of sensors to spaces depending on space geometry and sensor location. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2014.


ISPRS 8th 3D GeoInfo Conference and WG II/2 Workshop -- 27 November 2013 through 29 November 2013 -- Istanbul -- 107500

Anahtar Kelimeler

3D, Sensors, Spaces, Web services


Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography

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