Provision Of Housing And Services For The Elderly In Turkey

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The primary goal for the old-age accommodation is to enable elderly people live in their familiar housing environments. However, it has become obvious that traditional approaches can no longer be solutions for the old-age accommodation problem in large cities and metropolitan areas of Turkey. Changes in the social structure and people's expectations are the main reasons for the shift. Primary goal of this research is to identify the perceptions of both old and young people on housing and services for the elderly. For this purpose, two questionnaires were developed that focused on elderly satisfaction from care centres and young people's perception of the elderly one hindered thirtynine young and 234 old respondents were interviewed and the answers were statically analysed. Design guidelines for the elderly housing in Turkey were developing. The results indicated to four important points. First the government has to change its policy for the provision of care and accommodation for the elderly people. Second, the production of small size housing units suitable for the elderly should be encouraged. Third, alternative forms of care centres suitable for elderly with different social and economic status should be provided. Forth, these alternatives should be made affordable in the all elderly people.


Anahtar Kelimeler

quality of space, life satisfaction, design for elderly


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Journal of Science and Technology 3 (1), 2009, 90 - 103