3-D Fem Stress Analysis Of An Empress 2 All-Ceramic Crown On A Maxillary Central Incisor Tooth By Using Fem

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The study aims to investigate the effect of the shape of prepared tooth on the strength characteristics of the crowned tooth using the 3-D Finite Element Method (FEM). The analyses are carried out on the maxillary central incisor. Prepared tooth and crowned tooth models are scanned in a 3-dimensional Coordinate Measuring Machine (3-D CMM) in order to obtain the proper dimensions. Scanned contours obtained by the 3-D CMM are exported into the I-DEAS software. Two different models are developed in order to show the effect of geometry of the region near the tooth root, on the stress and strain distribution. These are shoulder and chamfer models. The models are composed of four different materials, namely; prepared tooth, luting cement (Variolink II), substructure (IPS Empress 2 Core), and Ingot (IPS Empress 2 Layer). The effects of the loading direction on the stress and strain distribution of the crowned tooth are also investigated. The results show that shape of the prepared tooth affects the stress distribution in the crowned tooth. Chamfer model is more suitable than shoulder model.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Finite Element Method, Stress Analysis, Dentistry, Maxillary Central Incisor, IPS Empress 2


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Journal of Science and Technology 2 (1), 2008, 24-40