Search For A Light Charged Higgs Boson Decaying To A W Boson And A CP-Odd Higgs Boson İn Final States With e?? or ??? İn Proton-Proton Collisions At ?S=13??TeV


A search for a light charged Higgs boson (H+) decaying to a W boson and a C P -odd Higgs boson (A) n final states with e?? or ??? is performed using data from pp collisions at ?s=13?TeV, recorded by the CMS detector at the LHC and corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 35.9??fb?. In this search, it is assumed that the H+ boson is produced in decays of top quarks, and the A boson decays to two oppositely charged muons. The presence of signals for H + boson masses between 100 and 160 GeV and A boson masses between 15 and 75 GeV is investigated. No evidence for the production of the H+ boson is found. Upper limits at 95% confidence level are obtained on the combined branching fraction for the decay chain, t ?bH+?bW+A?bW+?+??, of 1.9×10?6 to 8.6×10?6, depending on the masses of the H + and A bosons. These are the first limits for these decay modes of the H + and A bosons.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Higgs bosons, Hypothetical gauge bosons, Top quark, Hadron colliders


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Physical Review Letters 123, 131802 (2019)