Green Settlement Planning and Design: The First National and Institutional Certification Attempt for Turkey

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The concept of sustainability should be significantly integrated into practice as well as into contemporary urbanism principles as innovative technological approaches for designing the future cities of 21st century. A green certification can be accepted as an essential tool to provide the location-specific, measurable, monitorable, updatable components and parameters of sustainability. The aim of the study is to discuss the preparation of analysis and synthesis of green building and settlement certification that is carried out with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism and to share the results of the significant experience which is dealing with global objectives at the national and local scale. This first experience will be evaluated under the indicators of land use, ecology and disaster management topics related to their contribution in sustainable urban development with a notion of providing social and economic sustainability of urban livelihoods. Alongside the evaluation this paper will provide a comparison of this national intervention with other widely used and world-known international green certifications. Having elaborated international green certificates to build the infrastructure for a national certificate on urban scale, the major land use decisions for the sustainable settlements prove to provide integrity between the green scales building and settlement. Thus, the researchers decided to emphasize the major subjects of ecological assets and land evaluation, sustainable site selection and energy efficient planning, sustainable urban development and land use, environmental management and infrastructure planning, disaster mitigation in conjunction with socio-cultural quality and socio-economic welfare to insure sustainability measures in Turkish settlements. The decisions on the parameters also help other components of sustainability to relate among whole dynamics of the city. Therefore, the suggestions for a national green certificate in this study are expected to contribute to the adoption of realistic and practical steps necessary to achieve sustainability goals.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Green settlement certification, Sustainability, Sustainable urban development, Turkey


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Planlama 2019;29(1):1-9