Real Tıme Trajectory Trackıng Of Movıng Objects Usıng Adaptıve Fuzzy Tıme Serıes And Exponentıal Smoothıng Forecastıng Technıques

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Uludağ University

Erişim Hakkı


In his study; in cases where the targeted object which is taken from a real time camera shot is in a circular motion, quasi projectile motion and maneuvering dynamic motion, its later location where it will be is examined using the Adaptive Fuzzy Time Series (AFTS) and Exponential Smoothing (ES) estimation methods. Error evaluation of these motions was performed according to the Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) method. In the conducted evaluation, with AFTS, the circular motion was found to be 3.65%, quasi projectile motion 9.12%, and maneuvering dynamic motion 19.23%, and with ES, circular motion 4.48%, quasi projectile motion 1.13% and maneuvering dynamic motion was found to be 0.61%. AFTS gives better results than ES for the circular motion but ES gives better results than AFTS for quasi projectile and maneuvering dynamic motions.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Target tracking, Estimation algorithms, Adaptive fuzzy time series, Exponential smoothing


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Uludağ University Journal of The Faculty of Engineering, Vol. 22, No. 3, 2017