Measurement Of Electroweak Production Of A W Boson İn Association With Two Jets İn Proton-Proton Collisions At ? S = 13 Tev


A measurement is presented of electroweak (EW) production of a W boson in association with two jets in proton-proton collisions at s?= 13 TeV. The data sample was recorded by the CMS Collaboration at the LHC and corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 35.9 fb?1. The measurement is performed for the ??jj final state (with ?? indicating a lepton-neutrino pair, and j representing the quarks produced in the hard interaction) in a kinematic region defined by invariant mass mjj > 120 GeV and transverse momenta pTj > 25 GeV. The cross section of the process is measured in the electron and muon channels yielding ?EW(Wjj) = 6.23 ± 0.12 (stat) ± 0.61 (syst) pb per channel, in agreement with leading-order standard model predictions. The additional hadronic activity of events in a signal-enriched region is studied, and the measurements are compared with predictions. The final state is also used to perform a search for anomalous trilinear gauge couplings. Limits on anomalous trilinear gauge couplings associated with dimension-six operators are given in the framework of an effective field theory. The corresponding 95% confidence level intervals are ?2.3 < cWWW/?2 < 2.5 TeV?2, ?8.8 < cW/?2 < 16 TeV?2, and ?45 < cB/?2 < 46 TeV?2. These results are combined with the CMS EW Zjj analysis, yielding the constraint on the cWWW coupling: ?1.8 < cWWW/?2 < 2.0 TeV


Anahtar Kelimeler

High Energy Physics, Experiment (hep-ex)


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Eur. Phys. J. C 80 (2020) 43