Association between sarcopenia and erectile dysfunction in males with type II diabetes mellitus

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Background: The prevalence rates for both sarcopenia and erectile dysfunction (ED) gradually increase in middle-aged and elderly diabetic male population and they impair physical functioning, sexual functioning, and quality of life. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the sarcopenia in patients with diabetic ED. Methods: The study included 98 male patients with type II diabetes mellitus (DM) aged 18-80 years. Blood chemistry and hormone levels were obtained. The International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5) questionnaire was administered to the patients. The patients were divided into three groups according to the IIEF-5 score; a score of 5-10 points indicated severe ED, a score of 11-20 indicated moderate ED, and a score of 21-25 points indicated no ED. The muscle mass, handgrip strength, timed up and go test, upper mid-arm circumference, calf circumference, and body mass index were obtained. The statistical analysis was performed using MedCalc Statistical Software version 12.7.7. All parameters were compared between the three groups. Results: Of 98 patients included in the study, 84 patients had severe sarcopenia, 13 had moderate sarcopenia, while only one patient had normal muscle mass. The mean age was 56.59 +/- 11.46 years. When patients were divided into three groups according to IIEF-5 score, 38 had severe ED, 39 had moderate ED, and 21 had no ED. There was a significant difference between the three groups in terms of handgrip strength, timed up and go test scores, upper mid-arm circumference, and calf circumference (p < .05 for all). Conclusions: Although muscle mass remains unchanged, muscle strength and physical performance decrease in diabetic ED patients. Diabetic patients with severe and moderate ED have lower muscle strength and physical performance.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Type 2 diabetes mellitus, sarcopenia, erectile dysfunction, muscle mass, dynapenia


Aging Male

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